CNN: Parts Unknown: Anthony Bourdain: Lagos

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CNN: Parts Unknown: Anthony Bourdain: Lagos


Director of Photography




Super 16mm, Sony F55 with Super 16mm zooms and Zeiss Superspeed lenses


Lagos, Nigeria

About: CNN: Parts Unknown: Anthony Bourdain: Lagos

Our episode in Lagos, Nigeria, is one of the true highlights of the final PUAB season and a piece of work I’m very proud of. Nigeria is a difficult place to shoot and an even more difficult place to live; unless you are among the tiny minority of super-rich.

But it is also an incredibly inspiring place, with perhaps the hardest-working, most enterprising, most optimistic population we had ever encountered on PUAB. The food and the music are a reflection of that vitality and strength. This episode was our first to be shot largely on 16mm film. It has a unique look and sound and an editing style that brings the show, in my opinion, to another level.

It was nominated for an Emmy for cinematography and won an Emmy for editing, 2018.


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