CNN: Parts Unknown: Anthony Bourdain: Naxos, Greece

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CNN: Parts Unknown: Anthony Bourdain: Naxos, Greece


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Sony F55


Naxos, Greece

About: CNN: Parts Unknown: Anthony Bourdain: Naxos, Greece

For PUAB/Greece, we picked a beefier G&E package; we wanted to keep the camera constantly moving, even ever-so-slowly, which helped create a drift through “chill life on the Greek islands”, home to a fiercely independent and proud population. Naxos is relatively secluded, steeped in deep small island tradition, and revolves around local food, wine, close friends and family.

We shot an offshore dive to a sunken ship wreck, drank raki with the local governor and his in-laws, and sampled fresh fish right off the boat. While exploring the island, we had an amazing meal with politically outspoken musical group, The Stray Bitches, and traveled to the mountainous village of Apeiranthos where we shot Tony enjoying a traditional celebration in the town square. Sometimes we luck out with local crews.. and in Greece, we did. We had the most amazing crew that helped keep our cameras in constant movement. It was solitary Tony magic with a location appropriate tempo that helped create a Greek epic!


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